Sunday, June 14, 2009

The beginning!

Hello everyone!
For a few years now I wanted to write travel essays and until today I have travelled around Georgia (Europe), Mongolia, Argentina, US (various states) and wrote down some facts but never got to write any travel essay. Finally, I think I am ready or may be not but am starting it anyway. I am from Rustavi, Georgia (Europe) and live in New York at the moment.


  1. Already July. where are your essays? And why don't you try before blogging to publish them with magazines? Travel sells good ;) thought

  2. I have been reading some books and did not get the chance to travel outside of New York. I will be traveling to Seattle, WA, in November and will be writing about it. I also decided to write my reflections about the books that I read and add to this blog. I invite anyone who read those books to reflect on their reading and comment. Thank you!

    PS: Thank you Khatia for becoming a member of my blog :)