Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Summer House" by Nancy Thayer

I just finished reading this book today. It is about a family that spends every summer in their summer house in beautiful Nantucket. Grandmother, who is celebrating her 90th birthday is a proud mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, remembering how she met her partner, dealt with in-laws and more. There are memories, confessions _ MANY confessions, birth, dating, cheating, forgiveness, bossy aunt and nosy cousins.

"One Fifth Avenue" by Candace Bushnell

The book was very entertaining. From the beginning I felt like writing down the names of the residents of One Fifth to keep track of who was who, but after few pages it was easy to remember them because every character was different and unpredictable. Some wanna-be residents do things that are beyond imagination forcing you think: do people like them really exist?
Reading this book is perhaps one of the ways to experience New York City and its residents.

"The Associate" by John Grisham

A very young law school graduate with blurry recollection of a party gone wrong is blackmailed. Every page I turned I expected this blackmail to turn into a big joke that his employers played on him. However, that never happened. I found the end questionable. Is it be continued?

Editing the title of my blog

I have been reading some books and did not get the chance to travel outside of New York. I will be traveling to Seattle, WA, in November and will be writing about it. I also decided to write my reflections about the books that I read and add to this blog. I invite anyone who read those books to reflect on their reading and comment. Thank you!