Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"Little Princes" by Conor Grennan

"Little Princes" by Conor Grennan

Completed reading on August 15, 2016

Just read “Little Princes” by Conor Grennan and couldn't have been happier that I came across this book at Tbilisi International Book Fair in May of this year. The title about the children from Nepal just grabbed my attention. I didn't think twice whether to get this non-fiction or not.

“Conor Brother” describes his experiences and search for lost children and their families in such a way that you feel as if you are walking with him along the mountainous tracks and dangerous paths towards Humla.  You feel as if you are  sitting next to him on the roof of Little Princes house overlooking the yard and seeing how children play and hearing  their chatter.

Just few weeks before reading this book I read “Into thin air” by Jon Krakauer and from the comfort of my home travelled from Kathmandu  to Everest Base Camp and all the way to the summit and felt as if I was still in the Himalayas.
Reading “Little Princes” taught me more about the people, culture, traditions, family values and future generations of Nepal, those children whose fate fell into hands of the child traffickers and then miraculously into hands of those like Conor Brother.

Excellent writing, page-turner and no matter your interest in life, this is one of those books that must be read by everyone!

Cheers Conor Brother!

Monday, January 24, 2011

@SuzeOrmanShow My question to you girlfriend : Is my money "Lost in Transfer?

Hello Girlfriend!

You are an inspiration to everyone around the world, especially women who are learning how to handle their finances (including me). 

As there is not enough space on Twitter to write this to you, I'll try to post a link to my question on my Twitter account. 

I have many financial questions that I am dying to ask you here, but as you are answering every one of Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail questions that people around the world ask you, I'll take my turn to ask you this. 

I recently made a transfer of $250 from Bank1 to Bank 2 over the internet.  As soon as I did that, the remaining balance on Bank 1 account was $250 less & it stated that it would take up to 5 business days for it to post on my Bank 2 account.  During these five days, amount is out of Bank 1 and is not posted in Bank 2, but eventually ends up  there (five days later).
Where is my money during these five days?  

Is my money "Lost in Transfer"? 

And  I won't accept this answer: It takes five days for horse carriage to take my money from Seattle, Washington to New York, NY :)

Thank you!

"People first, then money, then things" (Suze O.) 


T. Goshadze

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Enjoy Georgian Khachapuri !!!

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San Francisco, California

This image was taken in beautiful San Francisco, CA on a sunny September afternoon in 2010.

One of my favorite places to visit!!

Share your California photos on my blog.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cheapoair: Unauthorized Charge

Hello Dear readers!

I bought the flight ticket recently on Cheapoair and was very satisfied with price.
Yesterday I received e-mail about my flight from Cheapoair, checked the seats I requested and all seemed fine.
However, when I checked my credit card statement there it was $50 charge that I never authorized.  It stated COA AirlineTaxes&Fees. When I checked my email more carefully I saw that insurance was added to my ticket, which again, I never requested.
I immediately contacted Cheapoair Customer Service and representative immediately issued the refund stating the computer error.

Make sure to check your credit card statements at all times for unauthorized charges.

PS: I wonder why computer error did not work in my favor ?